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Making Events Better - One Module at a Time

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Here at Hypecade, we've been working on creating a better, more holistic, event experience. We've built a rapidly deployable pass system that allows attendees to book and return and different times, skipping lines at gaming events. We tested it at Dreamhack Atlanta and it worked perfectly.

We've since taken that proof of concept and expanded its ability with an ability to grant appointments in advance, manage attendees, an entire Exhibitor admin panel, and even more features. That's just for line management for freeplay and demo experiences.

Out next module is going to tackle event giveaways. No one wants to put their email or phone number into a public-facing document. Yelling out numbers or names over a crowd is largely ineffective. It's expensive to print out hundreds of codes and who even knows what the return is on those (personally I tend to lose them). So, how do you fix that?

What if your codes could go digital, but still be gameified? How about being able to track whether or not your codes were redeemed? Send alerts directly to attendees to generate crowds and ensure that people that entered don't forget they have a chance to win.

We're working on those tools right now.

Sure, other tools exist, but no one wants a bunch of separate tools. Being able to manage your crowd, alerts, demo and freeplay lines, and giveaways in one interface will make managing your event activation

so much simpler.

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