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Hypecade FAQ

Tell me about Hypecade

Hypecade is an event awareness platform (EAP)  - a new term we’ve coined to describe our product. It’s an innovative approach to live events. Event Awareness Platform means it helps attendees see on-site activations and exhibitors and publishers communicate directly to their audience and brand fans. 

After a year of steady product development and research, we are ramping up to unveil our esports partner and loyalty program in early 2020.

What is Hypecade and how does it work?

Hypecade is an Event Awareness Platform. It’s a new approach that no one company has solved; people have solved them individually, but not as an aggregate. We’re also creating new solutions that haven’t been addressed in these markets like our equipment lending library and upcoming influencer management portal.

It takes all event activations, from event organizer to exhibitor to off-site meets, and combines them in one filterable place enhancing visibility.

Does a Hypecade account get me into the show?

No, you need a badge or paid entry to whichever show you are attending to utilize a Hypecade product. Some HypePrize activations are available to the public depending on the type of activation. We have capabilities to purchase show bonuses (Early Access, VIP) available in-app for our clients.


What is HypePass?

HypePass is a reservation system that allows attendees to book experiences at a specific time. This is effectively a line shortcut that saves attendees time and gives them priority access for their designated time to play. It helps attendees plan in advance their show experience.

What does HypePass cost?

HypePass costs either $0 to whatever the exhibitor or event organizers chooses to charge.

How do I get a HypePass?

Sign up for a Hypecade account and book your appointment. You can create your own account or use  social media login (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) to create your account.

Once signed up, you can view all available activation in our feed, select yours, and book.

Why do I need to provide an email if I sign up with Twitter?

Twitter doesn’t require an email to create an account and we require a way to connect with attendees to send reminders and alerts.

Why should I provide a phone number?

SMS is more reliable on-site than email or web at events. If you provide a mobile number, we can send you a QR code and all your details directly to your phone to ensure no need to download or refresh you details.

Can I book for multiple people?

Yes! You can book up to the total available appointments available using our bulk booking tool. The person booking will be responsible for the appointments and they are tied to their account. In the future, we will be building a party system, so you can build a party and select/remove people to book appointments based on availability. You will even be able to send invites via email and SMS to join the party if they aren;t yet in the Hypecade ecosystem.

Do I have to have my QR Code to get checked in?

No. We can verify your appointment via email, phone number, or name (via ID) and manually redeem your appointment.

What if I miss my appointment?

You have a 5-minute window before and after your appointment to get checked-in. If you miss this your appointment is no longer valid. It will be up to the HypePass Activation Owners to decide, at their discretion, if they have the availability for the missed appointment. At any time, you have the ability to cancel or reschedule (based on availability) your appointment.

What if I arrive early?

You can get checked in based on the discretion of the people running the HypePass activation. Otherwise, you are encouraged to show up at your reserved time.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, absolutely. Cancelling your reservation allows others the opportunity to also reserve an advance pass.

Is there a waitlist?

No, HypePass does not yet have a waitlist feature, but we hope to in the future.

Do I need to print out my HypePass?

You can, however, it is not necessary to redeem your appointment. Saving your unique QR code or adding a mobile number will allow you to have your appointment available at all times.



What is HypePrize?

HypePrize is a giveaway tool to make the experience better for vendors and attendees. We allow for rapid entry, send alerts before drawings, and deliver digital codes and promos directly to your phone.

How do I enter?

Scan a QR code or enter the URL to reach the giveaway entry point. Then confirm entry to play. Some entries may require completion of an activity to enter.

Can this be a treasure or scavenger hunt?

Absolutely! You can hide QR codes while distributing clues as to their whereabouts or create a set of activities to be completed to get more entries into a giveaway.


Can I enter a giveaway more than once?

We only allow for one entry for each giveaway or giveaway activity unless the HypePrize activation requests multiple entries to increase everyone's overall chance of winning.

Do I need a Hypecade account?

Yes unless the event app has your account linked a Hypecade account is required to enter a HypePrize activation. You don’t need to create a unique Hypecade account, however, you can use a social media account to create your account.

What if I forget about the giveaway?

We send an alert to your account 15-minutes before the giveaway to remind you that it’s occurring. You don’t always need to be present to win, but you do need to respond to prompts to win.

If it's a first come/first served giveaway, will I receive alerts?

Yes, if you have a Hypecade account, you can select to receive alerts.

If it's a digital giveaway, where do I get my code?

We deliver codes directly to you via SMS, email, and in your My Profile page in the Hypecade app. We also provide a URL and location to redeem your code. If you have multiple, tehy all aggregate in one place; no more collecting piles of paper after an event or scratchers.

What if it's a physical good?

Winners or entrants should receive their physical goods immediately and they should be confirmed or scanned in to add it to their prizes account. You should receive messaging for receipt of both physical and digital goods.

Can I view the raffle live or on the web?

If a link is provided, yes. Otherwise, the HypePrize owner has the ability to broadcast their url on their own or project them. No more calling out names, we can display winners and raffle numbers.

Will it show my full name on screen?

No. To protect privacy, we only display first name and last initial (with an associated number for differentiation) or appropriate account nicknames (this can be gamer tags or other).

Is there a charge to enter HypePrize?

No, there is no charge to enter a HypePrize giveaway.

What is HypeWares?

HypeWares is a lending library and on-site sales front that allows for customized orders or food and physical goods.

What kind of products can you find in HypeWares?

Four: physical products, edible products, add-ons, and food add-ons or customization.

Describe physical products:

Physical products are meant to be goods that can be purchased or lent out. This includes headsets, wireless mice, and even sweaters. A physical add-on is something that can modify the good you are borrowing or purchasing. This includes headphone mod kits and text personalization like adding your gamertag or team name to a jersey.

Describe edible products:

Edible products are goods that you can purchase for consumption at a show. This includes water bottles, alcohol, and food items such as burgers. Food add-ons include cheese or avocado or anything else with cost you’d add to modify your basic order. A customization is a non-cost addition such as cooking temperature or light mixer.

What is the purpose of a lending library?

It’s hard to track what is lent out at esports and gaming events. From board games to replacement keyboards, we want to help solve that. Our lending library allows for the creation of an inventory of on-site goods and tracks who is currently using them.

Why do I need to check boxes on the form to borrow equipment?

You are consenting to the legal terms provided by each lender to borrow those goods. This generally includes responsibility for the goods being borrowed and agreement to pay for lost, stolen, or damaged goods.

Why do I need to put down a card?

This is for liability in the case of lost, stolen, or damaged goods. You will only be charged in the case of damaged goods.

What is this $1 charge I’m getting?

This is only an authorized hold to verify the card and will not be charged to your account?

What if I’m accidentally charged?

Please get in contact with us and we will verify the charge with the lender. If this happens while you are on-site, they should be able to refund the charge.

What if I lose the item I borrowed?

It is at the discretion of the vendor whether or not to charge you for the lost item.

What if I’m ordering goods?

Well, then that’s different because we don’t expect you to return it in most cases.

What payment methods do you offer?

For both the lending hold and purchasing, we offer Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the ability to enter in your own payment details or select cash to pay in legal tender with the vendor.

What if I’m purchasing on my phone?

We provide a code to your phone that can be scanned and identity verified with your ID to pick up your goods.

What if I’ve ordered something customized?

Depending on the type of good, the vendor will confirm your order, then provided a pick-up estimate for your order. Once it’s ready, you’ll receive an SMS and email to confirm that it’s ready for pick-up.

What if I never received an alert?

This is likely a vendor-side problem and we suggest checking in with them if your order is delayed dramatically past its pick-up window.

What about food ordering?

We allow for food and beverage ordering to be picked up at a mobile order window unless seat drop off is provided.

What if the food vendor is busy?

We will give you an available pickup window for your order. Once it’s ready, we’ll send you an alert to pick it up, so you avoid the line waits.

What if I’m purchasing alcohol?

We will need to verify delivery upon pick up. The vendor has to check that they verified and received an ID or other legal form of age verification to give the attendee their order.

What if I lost my ID?

You will not receive your order, but we will provide a full refund.

What if my order is incorrect?

Please speak with the onsite food and beverage vendor to ensure a replacement or to issue a refund.

Still Need Help?

Please send us an email at and we'll do our best to help you with your problem.

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