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Giveaways re-imagined. Set up a HypePrize giveaway in minutes. Forget expensive print materials and instead gather valuable
metrics while engaging with your attendees.


Increased Privacy and Control

Sign Up Sheets are the Past

Attendees can enter your giveaway or
raffle by scanning a QR code. No need to enter their private details on a
public-facing sheet.

See Exact Entry Counts

As this is a digital sign up, you can
easily review all entrants to get the
precise number of people involved in
each giveaway.

Digital Code Distribution

Send codes via SMS or email to
increase conversion, track open rates,
and ensure redemption.


Easy to Setup

It takes less than 30 minutes to set up a giveaway and prizes can be added up to the drawing.

Select Your Event
Add in Prizes

Log in, select Add Giveaway and pick the
activation you want: First Come, First
Served; Randomized; or Raffle. That’s it!

Use the Add Prize feature to name your prize, select the type (digital or physical), choose how many, and upload any necessary assets (pics, codes, etc).

Raise Awareness

Create buzz in advance to gather a crowd for your giveaway with customized email and SMS alerts.

HypePrize Advantages

Maximize ROI by increasing booth traffic and collecting audience data

Gamify raffles and drawings to create exciting experiences for all attendees

Digital codes sent through mobile devices rather than costly print

Increased privacy for all participants in your giveaways

Interested in adding HypePrize to your event? Send us an email with some details and we'll get back to you with a quote and solution for you.

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