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Use our scheduler to make appointments instead of standing in line for hours. Free up time to experience more stuff you paid to see. Take your extra time and actually catch that panel you wanted to see. Schedule at a specific time, so you can play a demo right before that esports tournament.  


HypePass, by Hypecade maximizes the time consumers get to spend at gaming conferences.

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Hate Lines? We do too
Give Prizes, Not Paper

Run your contests and giveaways with ease using our raffle prizing tool.  Forget paper sign-ups sheets, simply scan a QR code and you’re in the drawing.  Keep attendees informed by sending updates to gather crowds for drawings and announcements. Track participation for easy metrics after the event.

HypePrize, by Hypecade saves paper and delivers the prize straight to the winner.

Give Prizes, Not Paper
Give Prizes, Not Paper

Try, Buy, and Snack - All From Your Phone.

Manage your entire product inventory all in one place. 
Want to lend out equipment without shuffling a ton of paper forms? We’ve got you. 

Selling gear at an event? Do it digitally, seeing your sales stats immediately.

HypeWares, by Hypecade helps you better track everything for your event.

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Hypecade Equipment Lending and Shop Mana
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Stop Yelling Over the Crowd

With our unique tournament solution, you can create competitions on-the-fly.   Set up your player roster and directly communicate rules and updates to participants. Run open and bracketed tournaments in an organized, trackable manner. 

Meet and Greet Done Right

This will make scheduling and managing all types of talent (influencers, meet and greets, signings, etc.) much cleaner.  Now you can create appointments, set up big reveals, and interviews hassle-free.  Let our appointment system make scheduling talent easier while helping you keep track of visitors.

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