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Save the Trees and Save Some $$$-Hypecade's Giveaways Tool

Back in March, we were asked to build a raffle tool and we did.

The requirements:

Ability to Add Digital and Phyiscal Prizes, Ability to Add Requirements, Ability to Collect Multiple Digital Tickets, Be Able to Display and read out Raffle Numbers on a Screen via a URL.

So, we did and it works great!

Here's how it works:

Event Organizers and Exhibitors can create a giveaway that will appear in the Activity Feed for attendees. They'll add in all the relevant messaging and details which will be used for this display and the auto-populated messaging we send out to attendees.

They select the type of giveaway which is either First Come, First Served, Randomized, or Raffle, then add in their prizes. They also add in the time of the drawing for Randomized and Raffle. This lets our system know when to send out a reminder to attendees and helps to draw in a crowd.

Now, regarding prizes, we understand that not all prizes are physical goods. So we allow for differentiating between digital and physical goods. If it's a physical good, you add in all your details, then simply click to add. If they're digital, you can upload a csv. So, if you want to distribute promo codes or digital codes to hand out in-game skins, just upload your file and we distribute the codes to the attendee's Hypecade account, phone, and email. Once we get account linking for steam, xbox, and more you'll be able to track who is redeeming codes and view in-depth analytics.

Already, you aren't printing out materials related to your giveaway or nearly untrackable codes on pieces of often-lost paper.

Now the fun part, requirements. Generally to enter a giveaway, you need to fulfill some kind of requirement even if it's as simple as visiting a booth. With Hypecade, you can create multiple requirements giving people extra chances to win and greater likelihood of engagement. You can deploy a show-wide treasure hunt or scavenger hunt in minutes.

When it's time to reveal the winner, click the Drawing button to go to the Reveal URL. Either click to display the winner's First Name and Last Initial (randomized drawing) or click to reveal each number of the winning raffle ticket. Once a winner is selected, their phone is messaged to come to receive their prizes. As always, entrants must be present to win.

Stop visiting the printers and start planning smarter with Hypecade.

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