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Events are exciting, but it’s easy to miss out on some of the best parts of the show floor.


What if activations were easier to approach for all?


What if you knew exactly where you wanted to go in advance of hitting the floor?

With our Event Awareness Platform we’ve made the show more accessible for everyone involved. Easy to use as an attendee; fast to deploy as an event stakeholder. Our products are lightweight and web-based, no extra app to download!


See Everything 

Hypecade allows event attendees to browse all the experiences on the show floor through our online portal. These experiences range from booking a game play demo to borrowing a keyboard from a lending library. We take the guesswork out of planning an already hectic day.


Get Reach

When people share their experiences with your booth or visit less active areas of the show floor, Hypecade rewards them with credits to book more appointments along with rewards and achievements. This amplifies your brand and further engages the attendee.



This streamlined solution is straightforward for exhibitors and vendors and easy for attendees to use. You can create a Hypecade activation in minutes and attendees can easily browse to find the experience they're looking for at your event. You can even boost your experience to get more visibility to attendees.

Hypecade Booking Appointment Form

In response to current events and in an effort to keep everyone safe, we are deploying our technology at more than just gaming events. If your company is looking for a contactless turnkey event solution, look us up. We are a publishing platform offering reservations, reminders, loyalty programs, and ordering - all in one centralized hub.


Hate Lines? We do too

Use our scheduler HypePass to make appointments instead of standing in line for hours.  Free up time to experience more stuff you paid to see. Take your extra time and actually catch that panel you wanted to see. Schedule at a specific time, so you can play a demo right before that esports tournament. Hypecade maximizes the time consumers get to spend at gaming conferences.

Did we win?

For businesses large and small, we have composed a suite of tools to increase activity visibility and measure impact. Exhibitors now have actual data to share with the stakeholders after the show.  Use our suite of products to keep your booth is busy; not crowded by lines, but by happy engaged attendees.

Fan Engagement, Gamified

While handing out samples is a nice way to get your brand in the hands of prospective customers, it isn’t a very personal or memorable engagement.  By utilizing our gamified approach, vendor booths can drive traffic to their booth. Hypecade helps drive booth traffic with alerts and rewards while providing you the customer data you need.

Give Prizes, Not Paper

Run your contests and giveaways with ease using our prizing tool HypePrize.  Forget paper sign-ups sheets, simply scan a QR code and you’re in the drawing.  Create requirements and deploy a treasure hunt in minutes. Keep attendees informed by sending updates to gather crowds for drawings and announcements. Track participation and for easy metrics after the event. 

What We Do

Our Products


Wait Less, Play More!
The HypePass events solution provides line tracking software to rapidly scan in attendees while gathering info and feedback.


A fresh spin on the prize wheel.

Make your raffles and giveaways truly unique while increasing attendee interaction, maximizing reach, and showing ROI.


Try, Buy, and Snack - All From Your Phone.
Forget your headset at home? Borrow it from a vendor at the show. Love it so much you want to buy it? You can do that directly from our app! 

Coming Soon: On-site tournament system; party building and invitations; advanced HypePass capabilities.

Who Are We Helping

Who We Are Helping

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About Our Team

Our team has a distinguished pedigree in gaming and technology. Between the five of us, we have worked with: Wargaming, 2K, Gung Ho, Sony, EA, Riot, THQ, Ubisoft, Daybreak Games, Envoy, Trip Advisor, Uber, Gree, ASTRO gaming, El Gato Gaming, Cloud9, Validated (acquired), and (acquired). We have also led companies through acquisition. Get to know us and get in touch below.



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We know that adding yet another app to download for a show can be cumbersome to attendees, so we’ve created a white label solution to make it simple, clean, and intuitive.


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